Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida- The trio you can’t miss!

After the success of Ishq Zahe Naseeb, the audience were waiting for Zahid Ahmed and Sonya Hussain to reunite again on screen. Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida is an exception with the addition of Mansha Pasha. The drama spelled magic on the screen with the direction of Barkat Siddiqui. When the teasers came out, the drama was considered a copy of the Bollywood film “Judai”. It is much more than that as it is penned down by Abdul Khaliq Khan.

Zahid Ahmed plays the role of Shahaan who a middle-class working man who is married to his cousin Ulfat (Sonya Hussain). Ulfat is a pandora of big dreams in her eyes. She wants to become a rich woman to change the fate of her family. Here comes the entry of Shafaq who is played by Mansha Pasha. She is a daughter of a rich man who owns the company in which Shahaan is working. Shafaq, after her failed marriage, comes back to Pakistan to get herself busy in her dad’s office. Shafaq comes into the life of this couple of Shahaan and Ulfat and knows how to deal with the dreams of Ulfat. She tries to gage Ulfat to become a partner of Zahid. Ulfat leaves everything behind to become rich even her husband whom she treated for granted. Zahid being the best man cares for the feeling of Shafaq and his wife who insisted him to get married, adds Shafaq in his life as his wife.

Shafaq, as promised, makes Ulfat rich on the second day of her marriage. As shafaq had never experienced a good relationship with her ex-husband, she lives her best life with Zahid who has already proved to be a good husband. After becoming rich, Ulfat forgets that she was once a middle-class woman. She goes to buy a luxury car, big house, clothes, jewelry, etc., to level up her standards among her friends. Here, Shahaan and Shafaq’s bond is getting strong and he and Ulfat’s getting weak due to all riches that came in her life after selling her husband to Shafaq.

Fast forward, Ulfat and her whole family get shifted to their new home. The family bond isn’t the same anymore. Everyone is vibing together except Ulfat who has become blinded by the money and luxuries. Now, Shahaan is getting irritated by the acts of Ulfat as he has never seen her doing anything extraordinary without the consent of her whole family.

The drama will teach you about the importance of your loved ones even after all riches in the world. It is a great entertaining drama for your whole family. Watch it to have a good source of moral and entertainment.

Let us know how did you find this drama after the watch!

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