Raqs-e-Bismil is reaching its climax! – Complete Review

Starring Imran Ashraf as Musa and Sarah Khan as Zohra, Raqs e Bismil is the drama which is keeping on getting interesting as it reaches its Climax. Blast from the past, Musa, who is the son of a very pious family, fell in love with Zohra, who is from a background that is considered very cheap in our society. They both met by coincidence, but Musa considers it a miracle or moreover, an eye-opener. Zohra hides her real personality at first, but when she sees Musa getting very much involved in her, she shows her real identity which is the opposite of being pious externally.

Musa gets a lot shocked, but he is reminded that “Love has no Boundaries”. Musa leaves everything to get married to Zohra and give her a respectful life. Zohra, on the other hand, doesn’t think only about herself but her place which is getting snatched by her foster mother “Anna Ji”. To save the home where she was brought up, Zohra decides to marry a rich businessman who asked for her hand from her foster mother. Here, Musa is roaming here and there for the love of his life, but Zohra is now married to Malik Shehryar.

Zohra always dreamed of living a respectful and peaceful life and become a good homemaker. When she gets to know that her own husband is using her for his own good, she completely shatters but remains silent without telling anyone.

The story continues, meanwhile, Musa handles all the problems alone he faces. He gets in a fight, goes to jail, gets out of jail, starts staying with his only friend Murad, etc. Day by day, he gets punched by life in the face but gets stronger with having faith in his heart. Musa is now employed as a personal guard to Layla madam. Layla is a former film star who is now a producer. She is a self-independent lady who is getting bluffed by her husband Tauqeer. Tauqeer is a close friend of Malik Shehryar and both use women for their own good.

Musa and Zohra meet once again in life! The drama is reaching a twist. Zohra is said to leave her husband’s house because his first wife is coming to stay in his house. She left the home without anything in her hands and met an accident. In the coming episodes, Zohra’s disappearance will make Musa mad. The poor guy will be broken when he will get to know that Zohra is divorced and missing. The troubles are not leaving Musa any second. Ever since he is madly in love with Zohra, he hasn’t seen a bright day!

The drama revolves around many powerful characters who are giving their best to represent their stories. Just like Esa (the brother of Musa), Sakina (cousin and wife to Esa), Peer Sahab (Father of Musa), Murad “Na-Murad” (Friend of Musa), etc. The writer Hashim Nadeem is trying his best to not let the storyline out of the hands. There are few moments which are making the viewers question their existence.

Final Remarks
This drama comes with the moral of undying faith. Be it hope or love, this story will teach you to be patient and trust the authority. Nobody will give you anything in this world, give to the people and be at peace!

Have you seen Raqs-e-Bismil? What are your remarks? Which one is your fav episode? Share your views!

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