Reasons to watch Chupke Chupke! – A family drama

How it’s like to have all your favorite actors in one frame? Chupke Chupke is your go-to drama for all kinds of comedy, madness, fun, love, emotions, and whatnot. The drama is starring our all-time favorite Ayeza Khan as Meenu, Osman Khalid Butt as Fazi, Arsalan Naseer as Hadi, and many more. This most entertaining drama is written by Saima Akram Chaudary, directed by Danish Nawaz, and presented by Hum TV Networks.

In Chupke Chupke, everyone’s story is filled with fun and spices. This drama is no natural that the actors don’t look like actors but real-life characters who have mixed and matched their chemistry with everyone in the house. The entry of Arsalan Naseer in the drama field is what everyone is amused at. He is a famous Pakistani Youtuber but has stunned everyone with his natural acting skills. Every episode of this drama gives a smooth and happy vibe with lots of twists and turns filled with fun and gossips around the two houses of the same family root.

Meenu making our hearts flattered with her childlike character:
Ayeza Khan as Meenu is the most challenging role to play, but she really proved her skills here. The childlike character wasn’t an easy one for Ayeza after years of grown women roles. Last time, she was praised for a negative role in Meray Pass Tum Ho and now, she made a place in everyone’s hearts by playing Meenu.

Meenu is a fresh soul besides traditional womanly roles in Pakistani dramas. She is a pretty simple girl who is also a little stubborn but the main focus in the house. The more you see her, the more you feel happy inside.

Fazi and Hadi – Two cousins but more like brothers!
You have never seen this bromance before anywhere else! Despite the conflicts between the two houses, Fazi (Osman Khalid Butt) and Hadi (Arsalan Naseer) never leave each other in good or bad. They are literally goals! This brotherhood is undeniably the most favorite thing in the drama which is very rare to see in the real-life scenarios between the two male cousins. Arsalan has literally given a tough time to the newcomers in the drama industry.

This is not just it! There’s another bond of Meenu with her cousin Waleed who is younger than her, but their friendship is so enjoyably miserable. And Hold on! Do you know about the secret sharing between the character Dadi and Mirchi (younger sister of Meenu)? This bonding needs an Oscar award!!!

The typical role of Fazi’s sisters for a good laugh!
Apart from everyone’s bonding with each other, Fazi’s three sisters Gul Aapa, Roomi, and Mishi are no less than others. These sisters love to manage everything for their only brother Fazi on their own without even Fazi’s consent. All three of them are extra-possessive for their brother which is making the story more interesting. The character of Fazi’s brother-in-Law Miskeen Ali also holds great importance in giving laughing fits between the sisters’ conspiracies.

The twist of two love stories in between!
In the beginning, you can never guess who is going to tie the knot with whom but as you step forward, you will be shocked to see the love developing between those two people who do not even like to see in front of each other. Just like Meenu and Fazi, Hadi and Mishi get involved in each other, but they see a lot of troubles getting together.

The funniest part is that Hadi and Fazi always think about their dream life partner, but little do they know that they will find their soulmates in the same houses the cousin brothers see each other.

Chupke Chupke is definitely a binge-watch family drama with so many stories synchronizing to provide the best entertainment show. With ups and downs between the two families, there comes a happy moment when all get settled with their love of lives.

Do not miss on this good watch! This is a perfect show after a long tiring day at work.


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