Sabaat- A story of love in between differences!

Sabaat is one of the most hit dramas because of its unique storyline. The drama is a great realization story about mental health and prejudice traits among people with money and everything. The drama is directed by none other than Shehzad Kashmir and produced by renowned Momina Duraid.

The cast of the drama is filled with stars of the industry including Sarah Khan, Mawra Hocane, Usman Mukhtar, and Seemi Raheel. Sabaat has made the return of Mawra to the television possible. What you’re going to witness in this drama is the negative role beautifully played by Sarah Khan. Mawra has simply already proven her coin in famous dramas like Angan, Sammi, and Daasi. She will make you fall for her simplicity and righteousness in Sabaat.

The story shows the real-life differences between the two social classes. As the drama continues, it tells more about how these issues in the drama totally relate to ours. The plot of Sabaat is filled with the right quantity of every emotion. Sarah Khan is the most vocal role in the drama as she is portraying a woman who believes that money buys happiness. She is surviving on materialism like a spoiled elite brat. In the drama, Sarah khan is playing Miraal Fareed who loves to control her younger brother Hassan who is played by Ameer Gilani. Ameer is a newcomer to the industry who was also happened to be Mawra’s classmate in a degree program.

Miraal’s favorite work is to control others’ lives. She treats her younger brother as her own child. She is a child of that father who never had such privileges in his childhood but did not wish the same for his kids. Hassan, her brother, falls in love with a very capable girl Anaya Mirza (Mawra) in his university. Anaya belongs to a middle-class family which gets more irritating for Miraal because she thinks of herself as a Goddess. She tries to dominate her brother’s life in every possible way from dressing to his way of living. Whereas Anaya is the only daughter of her parents who have lived a life very beautiful and simple life. Due to the interest and credibility Hassan, she starts to fall for him despite knowing the differences between the two families.

Miraal does not like the connection between Anaya and her brother and tries to interfere by humiliating Anaya every time. Miraal’s and Hassan’s nani plays an important role in letting Miraal know that everything will get fade away with time, so why spend life with grudges? This whole thing makes Miraal overthinking after her nani’s death. She seeks for doctor’s help which develops a whole new connection between the doctor and patient. The doctor (Usman Mukhtar), while in the counselling process, falls in love with Miraal. Their chemistry is the best part of the drama which grows over time.

The story mainly revolves around the wrath of Miraal who is seeking help on one side and interfering in people’s lives on the other side.

Do watch this drama and let us know how it helped you knowing different traits and behavior of the people.

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